The online gaming community consist of several game developers who provide different types of casino games. These providers differ in terms of games quality and overall services. In this extensive guide, we present you a comparison between NetEnt and Playtech. Visit for top NetEnt casinos.


Overview of NetEnt

NetEnt was established in 1996 with a goal to offer quality gambling opportunities to players. However, with the introduction of online casino gaming, the developer has ventured fully into the development of different casino games. You can play these games at online casinos listed on cover24h .

  • NetEnt was founded in 1996.
  • It develops slots, table games, live dealer games, poker, and lottery-based games.
  • All its games can be played in free mode.
  • Games from the developer are instant play games and there is no need to install an app.

The developer specializes in developing games such as video slots, table games, speciality games, poker as well as live casino games. These games are designed using HTML codes, and this means that you can play them without installing any app on your device.

Features of NetEnt

There are several things that set NetEnt apart from other game developers. Besides its games been available as instant play games, they also offer huge payouts. These games come with incredible features such as in-game bonus features in slots and dynamic billboards in table games.

The developer has studios where its live games are hosted. These studios are equipped with advanced technology allowing players to play games as if they're on the actual table. Additionally, NetEnt offers its games in free play mode, so you can test the features without betting real money.

Overview of Playtech

Playtech is another popular game developer which was founded in 1999. The developer has since then continued to provide different kinds of casino games that players can enjoy. It offers slots, table games, lottery-based games, online sports betting, live dealer games, and poker rooms.

Like NetEnt, Playtech also provides its games in instant play mode, and you don't need to download an external app to play it. Additionally, its games are responsive across all devices whether you are playing it on your desktop computer, tablet PC or smartphone.

  • Playtech was founded in 1999.
  • It offers sports betting platform, slots, table games, online poker rooms and live dealer games.

Features of Playtech

While Playtech games are also interesting to play and can offer you a chance to win, the developer has some drawbacks. First, casinos that partner with the developer are often not allowed to feature games from other developers. This limits the selection of games of these casinos.

Although you can play slots and table games from Playtech in free mode, the developer does not provide its live dealer games in free play mode. This means that you cannot test the features of these games before you proceed to play them.

  • The developer does not provide its live dealer games in free mode.
  • It does not allow its casinos to feature games from other developers.

Choosing the Right Developer

We have compared the features of NetEnt and Playtech game developers in this article. Both developers have pretty amazing games in their library, and these game also include several incredible features. The decision to choose any of the developers is left for you to make as a player.

If you are considering the developer's experience and the availability of free mode games, then NetEnt is the right choice for you. NetEnt has many licences from gaming authorities such as the UKGCM MGA, GGC, and AGCC, and it ensures that its games are not rigged.